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You will be in great hands literally and  figuratively with Kevyn.” – Felicia Madison
Kevyn Zeller
Having practiced Pilates now for 20 years and taught for 15, I can say with confidence that this work has become a part of my very being.  At the age of 17, a minor meniscus injury brought me to my first Pilates class.  It was weird… Weird, but SO, SO good.  I started feeling stronger from the inside out, my posture and confidence improved, my grades improved.  I began to focus almost effortlessly, achieving any goal that I set my mind to with clarity and ease.  I was centered, grounded and in love.  My path was set.  I knew that my calling on this planet was to and is to share this practice with as many people as humanly possible!
Being the curious person that I am, I wanted to unravel and understand the work from all angles.  Consequently, I chose to study Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, while obtaining my Pilates Teaching Certificate and Masters Certificate at the world-renowned Pilates Center of Boulder.  Curious and eager to “know it all,”  I studied, and studied and studied… until I was met with a profound lesson.  There is no “knowing it all.”  There is only lesson, upon lesson, upon lesson.  In addition to attending countless workshops, reading all the books, meditating, journaling, staying on top of my personal workouts and taking lessons, the students I have the absolute honor of teaching day in and day out ARE my continuing education.  Watching them move more fully and efficiently, with greater ease and less pain is what I live for.  Each day I am more and more floored by the efficacy of this brilliant work and am as inspired as ever to share it with you!

much love,


My Mission

To provide a space in which you are able to leave your cares and unnecessary worries at the door.  Upon freeing yourself of this tension, my intention is to guide you through a Pilates lesson via succinct and crystal-clear instruction.  With an emphasis on positive reinforcement, I focus on learning from your body and your movement in order to provide a session that is uniquely designed for YOU, with YOUR goals and lifestyle in mind.  You will leave the studio feeling lighter physically as well as mentally, more able to effectively and efficiently move through life with a strong and mobile body, a relaxed mind and a light heart.

The Studio

60 E 66th St. Suite 4b, NY

The studio is conveniently located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This one-of-a-kind space is a cozy, zen oasis filled with natural sunlight, high ceilings, and beautifully crafted state-of-the-art Pilates equipment from the Peak Pilates bamboo line. My intention is to provide you with a space that allows you to leave all your stress and worries at the door. Distraction free, you will be fully present and able to receive the benefits of your Pilates practice.

What Clients are Saying

Felicia Madison

“There are pilates instructors and then there is Kevyn.  I am constantly in awe of Kevyn’s warm upbeat and calming nature that infuses the studio.
 Entering KZP you immediately begin to feel the zen like qualities from the calming colors soothing scents and tea, water and snacks available to you.  Whatever pain, ailment or complaint I bring Kevyn can figure out how to solve it and I end leaving at least an inch taller and ten pounds lighter from the pain and strain lifted from my body.
I started working with Kevyn with severe back pain that 3 Doctors wanted to operate on. After working intensively with Kevyn I can say she not only healed my back but taught me how to run again so that I would remain pain and injury free.  I went from constant pain and not even able to lift my leg to running five miles!  You will be in great hands literally and figuratively with Kevyn.”

Thea Westreich Wagner

“First and most important is the refined and comprehensive knowledge Kevyn has of Pilates as it was created by its master.  As a Pilates student for almost 20 years, I have an immense respect for her ability to convey to her students the essence of his teachings.

Second, and no less significant is her ability to craft that teaching in creative ways for each individual she trains. She uses every session as a challenge for her as the teacher and us as her students. Not an inconsiderable accomplishment. She has an uncanny ability to take the measure of each session with her students to create a class that is appropriate to that moment in time for them.

And last, is that she has an attention to detail of each exercise that gives the student the most opportunity to progress effectively for them specifically.

There are a myriad of other things that she brings to the table but these are the ones that come most to mind.”

Lynn Harman and Phil Coltoff

“Being taught by Kevyn is a multi layered experience. It is very clear that there is never anything “cookie cutter” about her teaching; she is always focused on what is going on in the time you are with her.  If something is physically bothering you, she addresses it immediately and is always successful at resolving the problem whether in that session or the following. She is a gentle teacher who  manages to convey her extensive knowledge of the body but also to make each session a challenging workout. My husband and I trust her completely and she is by far the best and most sensitive teacher we have ever had. A session with her is a gift. She is a gift.”

Jennifer Ruggiero – Owner of The Pilates Movement

“Kevyn is a very special teacher.  She has this unique way of delivering the information so that each person truly understands the message she is communicating.  Clients adore her personalized attention to detail, her patience and her ability to push them to achieve their goals with the utmost support and respect.  Take a session or class with Kevyn.  You will love her!”

Melinda Usandivaras, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Fitness Guru

“Kevyn is invaluable to anyone looking for a genuinely good Pilates instructor and health advisor. She pays close attention to the needs of her clients, not only what they think they need, but also what their bodies actually need. She exudes an aura of compassion, but demands careful attention to detail and she will challenge her clients to go beyond their comfort zones. I have worked with Kevyn as a client, a peer, and a business partner and I highly recommend her services to anyone. She truly embodies ‘health that begins within.”

Heather Sellers, PhD

“I have been studying Pilates with various instructors for ten years. I have never had an instructor as intuitive, as intelligent, as experienced and creative and mind-blowing as Kevyn.  She’s able to use metaphor and visual imagery to help me increase my ability to understand and feel what my body is doing (and is capable of doing). Kevyn is a gifted teacher, a mentor, a scientist and an artist.  She’s given me my body back!”

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