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A little about me, your Accountability Coach…


My drive, passion and mission is to help as many ambitious women, just like you, hit their health goals in as little as 90 days!

If you are here reading this, you are most likely someone who has a few health goals in mind. You’ve been working toward them for years, but have never dedicated a specific block of time to making them a reality.

Perhaps this is because you have so many other obligations; people who need you, places you need to be, things you need to do that you find it difficult to set time aside for you and YOUR goals.

That’s where I come in.

I am here to help you prioritize not only your goals, but your SELF.

Through weekly 1:1 coaching and daily accountability I am by your side throughout the entire journey gently (and sometimes not so gently) reminding you of the health goals that you come to me with.

And, I believe in you.

So much so that if you don’t achieve your desired results in 90 days, I will work with you for free until you do.

NOW is the time to lean heavily into your magnificence!

And allow me to be the one there to keep you honest and hold you accountable along the way.

It would be my greatest honor.

– Kevyn Zeller

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Kevyn is an authentic, brilliant, light! I’ve worked with her on and off for years – As a kinesiology subject in her research on how our core shapes movement, a student of her gifted Pilates teachings, and most recently in her coaching Practice. Throughout it all, Kevyn has held a safe space for me to challenge my thinking, question what I view as true, and break down the walls I’ve built to take meaningful and invaluable risks.  Through my work with Kevyn, I was able to be honest with myself, create more spaciousness and freedom in my life, and reconnect with my partner.


Thank you, Kev for meeting me where I was at and helping me navigate forward.”

– Sara R.

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