And then I looked up…

And then, I looked up….

It is easy at times to get stuck in thought…. And every once in a while daydreaming is healthy. It allows us to ponder possibilities that exist beyond our current reality. This pondering or day dreaming is healthy when it keeps us present and is channelled in a way that is constructive and brings about positive change and growth. It can be detrimental if it causes us to begin the competitive and ego driven cycle of comparison. Comparison of where we are to where we want to be, or perhaps to where we think that we should be. This type of thought makes it virtually impossible to simply BE. I often find myself deep in thought. I’ve always been introspective. Sometimes I analyze things until they develop a life of their own.

One thing that I’ve learned through my Pilates and Yoga practices as well as through life experiences and lessons taught to me by my family and friends is that when this cycle begins it sometime helps to LOOK UP!

My mom would say to me growing up, “get over yourself.” I would take offense to this… I would huff and puff and think “get over your self!” But as I matured, I realized that what she meant wasn’t clearly communicated with the words she used. She meant “get above your self.” In order to move above the small self thoughts that often consume the mind… It is useful to see the stars, see the blue sky the brilliant wonder that is the universe, that is the person next to you… The smell of the ocean and the taste of cool, fresh water or of a delicious glass of complex wine.

Get out of your SELF and allow yourself to become deeply aware of the bigger picture. This amazing energy that we are all part of. All ONE. Beautiful unity.

Next time you find yourself stuck in your head… Try looking up.

Life is good!