Women’s Retreat in Nicaragua Summer 2024

Retreat in Nicaragua


Casa Colorados, Hacienda Iguana, Nicaragua


6/9/24  –  6/15/24


A 6-night/5-day transformational experience incorporating Pilates, Strength-Based Yoga, Breathwork, and results-driven Accountability Coaching  that will change your life!

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I haven’t been this happy in a long time. I am renewed and re-energized. I am also trying to embrace and find ways to make my mental health number 1.

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The trip provided multiple opportunities to pause and reflect on my life and the perspectives that shape it. The experience gave me space to focus on my beliefs and values and to find gratitude in the unexpected.

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Retreat Focus

The focus of the retreat is to empower retreat participants and provide them with a space to completely:
RELAX: literally everything is taken care of from the moment you step off the plane eliminating all necessary stress and decision fatigue imaginable.
RECHARGE AND REFILL YOUR CUP: while the schedule is filled with opportunities to move & nurture your body, expand your heart & mind, connect with like-minded women, empower your most authentic self, take as much down time as you need to relax by the pool, enjoy a walk on the beach or simply relax in your beachfront home with a good book is highly encouraged.
CENTER: Extremely thoughtful Pilates classes led by yours truly will focus not only on the brilliant and centering work that is Pilates but also on how to apply the principles intrinsically linked with this work to the experience of the retreat itself and to life in general. I have been teaching since 2003 and have spent the past 10 years especially really honing my craft in a way that has brought my teaching to an entirely new level. With a schedule here in Manhattan that is filled to the brim, I am thrilled to be able to offer this work to a few new faces on this retreat.
EMPOWER: Limited to only 10 people, this group’s experience will be intimate and deeply transformational. Daily Small Group Coaching and optional 1:1 Coaching will take this experience to the next level.We go deep with thought provoking topics and questions that allow you to consider what has been getting in the way of you allowing your wholeness and your fullest potential. A safe and empowering space is nurtured in which you can tell your story, process “negative” emotion and learn to do so without making it mean so much.
SWEAT AND SMILE: While moving slowly and with profoundly thoughtful intention is something that I value, it is also essential in my humble opinion to mix things up and challenge your body to go far beyond its perceived limitations. With that in mind this retreat will include 1 surf lesson and also daily Strength Based Yoga classes with the one and only Tasha Cowd that will be held before your evening Pilates class.

A Day on the Retreat

Your day starts with fresh lemon water and coffee served with fresh fruit to nourish you for our morning beach walk (or run if you prefer), or perhaps an invigorating dip in the ocean.
This is followed by a thoughtful Pilates Class led by yours truly that ends with intention setting and a group discussion and journaling.
Next, breakfast is served before you either enjoy some delicious downtime (a nap even!!), a massage or you choose to simply lounge by the infinity pool overlooking the Pacific. Next, we come together for a 2-hour Pilates workshop/surfing lesson or cultural excursion depending on the day before lunch is served at 1 p.m.
You then fill more downtime with the activity of your choosing, or by simply doing nothing (highly encouraged), before we gather again for our fun and sweaty Yoga class that will leave you beaming with bliss (and sweating profusely)!!!
This high-intensity workout will be tempered with a masterfully taught class led by Rosie before we all come together to enjoy sipping fresh coconut water as the sun dips majestically into the Pacific, turning the sky into a genuine work of art…
The sunsets are absolutely breathtaking from this beachfront house, just wait!!!
Everyone will then take a beat to freshen up before we meet around the table to enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by Scotty, the best Private Chef on the planet!!!
Satiated and smiling, filled with gratitude you will head to bed and rest deeply in anticipation of doing it all again the next day!

Meet The Team


Kevyn Zeller

Retreat Guide


“I haven’t been this happy in a long time!”


Hands down this was the best testimonial that I received from one of the guests on my most recent AWOKEN & UNBROKEN™ Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica…


Not because being happy is the end game, but because most of us are so bogged down by the negative that we don’t make room for the positive.


By far the most powerful theme on my retreat and the one that fuels AWOKEN & UNBROKEN™’s underlying mission is to create a world in which we allow our wholeness and the mosaic of our emotional bodies to exist fully and freely…. Objectively and without judgment.


It’s a big mission, I know.


But I am up for the task.


In fact, I feel as if I was born for it and have spent my entire life up until this point honing the wisdom necessary to teach it well and from a place of true and deeply inspired integrity.


Do we learn to embody the human experience and love ourselves unconditionally on a 6-night/5-day retreat?


Well, no… but that would be nice, wouldn’t it???


It often takes a lifetime, but the work that I offer through AWOKEN & UNBROKEN™ will certainly help to set the path on fire so that the process is expedited in a safe, loving, and FUN environment.


Masterful coaching, coupled with the somatic healing and embodiment work that is Pilates (and that I have spent 27 years honing), taught with extraordinary precision, care and this fundamental intention as my guiding force, you will begin embodying your wholeness immediately by joining one of my AWOKEN & UNBROKEN™ Experiences.


What is the embodiment of your wholeness you might ask? Real talk, minus all of the new age mumbo jumbo, it is releasing all of the bull$h\+, and getting REALLY, real with yourself.


It is recognizing that you are a living, feeling person and that allowing and processing your emotions is the key to EVERYTHING.


It is allowing sadness, frustration, anger, fear, anxiety, and shame… and showing up anyway because you understand that feeling these feelings is natural, healthy, and HUMAN.


My friends, this work is powerful. And it will change your life if you let it.


Being happy is a product of true wholeness – it is no longer controlling your environment so that you don’t have to feel the other feels… it is surrender…


It is freedom.


I want that for you.


It would be a sincere honor to have you join us.




Scotty Craig

Retreat Chef | Life & Breathwork Coach

“I love nourishing others with my creative and flavorful healthy dishes.”

Scotty brings over 25 years of culinary expertise to these retreats. He was always been inspired to cook because he has loved food as early as he can remember. When he was 5 years old, he recalls eating fresh crab and lobster with his grandmother.

While he did grow up eating out in restaurants a lot he wanted to be able to enjoy food at home more. This way he could have control of the ingredients he was using and the ones he was avoiding.

While Scotty does eat all kinds of foods he is also certified in plant-based nutrition and has experimented with all types of Diets in order to find what works best for his body and encourages others to do the same.

“Everybody is unique and reacts to different types of food differently. I believe optimal health is attained by eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods as much as possible.”

Scotty loves to delve into understanding the healing powers of food and believes that the most powerful way to connect with nature and with health is through food. He works every day to better understand what seasonal foods most effectively nurture health for his clients and loves to generously share this knowledge with them.

He believes that the difference between living and THRIVING lies in adding a more mindful diet into their lifestyle.

Scotty is also a certified Breathwork Coach and will be offering morning and evening breathwork sessions on the retreat. Breathing is the foundation of life! His goal is to help others bring conscious thought into their breathing in order to improve the foundation for long-term lifestyle optimization.

Scotty is also in the transformation business and is a Certified Life Coach. Through his work, he helps others realize their full potential and change their lives through massive action.

“Life coaching has truly changed my life and I want to share this incredible journey in order to help others transform their lives as well.”

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Tasha Cowd

Strength-Based Yoga Teacher

Tasha is not just another Yoga Instructor in NYC… she is a gift. Clients often feel as though they can take on the world after her upbeat, sweaty, insanely fun and empowering class. Perhaps her secret weapon is that she grew up dancing competitively and it shows. Her timing on the beat is absolute perfection and allows you to lose yourself in the precise rhythm and flow of her class. But in reality, it’s more than that… While Tasha has only been teaching Yoga since 2019, she was born to lead and to inspire. So, it is no accident that her classes are always full, with a waitlist of hopeful clients dying to get into the room and onto their mats. People are magnetically drawn to her non-pretentious, grounded, welcoming and kind energy. A refreshing upgrade from the masses of Fitness Instructors you see today who are more interested in their IG following than they are the people in their class. Tasha is so uninterested in social media that you won’t even find her presence online. She’s too cool for that noise. 😉 Her motto is “fitness should be fun!” And her classes more certainly are. That and SO much more. Tasha is a graduate of Binghamton University and completed her Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training in 2019 and her Power Yoga Teacher training in 2021. Her classes will rock your world, leave you sweating profusely and smiling from ear to ear. It is an absolute honor to have her be a part of this retreat team extraordinaire!

Christy Nichols PL 2

Christy Nichols

Retreat Logistics Coordinator

Bio: Founder and CEO of Venture Within

Life Purpose Coach | Curator of Transformational Retreats | Purposeful Travel Advocate | Author | Speaker

Christy’s professional education expertise has afforded her the opportunity to work around the world. Since achieving a Masters Degree and Teaching Credentials in Sussex, England, she has created and developed two companies focused on Leadership Development Programs through education and conservation projects overseas.

She has delivered leadership initiatives internationally to individuals, universities, small companies, and non-profits in the UK, Europe, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, South Africa, Canada, the USA, and Australia.

Through her company, Venture Within, she creates transformational experiences for personal and professional growth. She lives a full and meaningful life while inspiring and enabling others to do the same.

Expert in leadership development amongst professionals

20 years an Educator, CEO of Venture Within, and formerly Co-Founder of EDventure International

ICF Accredited Certified Professional Coach

Curated strategic leadership workshops catered for traveling professionals, with a focus on personal development and growth.

Utilizes cultural immersive experiences as transformative opportunities.

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Rosie DeAngelo

Yoga Instructor

Rosie is a teacher, dancer, and choreographer based in Manhattan. She began
teaching yoga in NYC in 2014, after training at the Asheville Yoga Center in
North Carolina. Since moving to New York, she has studied under master
instructors such as Miles Borrero and Nikki Costello. Rosie has also trained in
various international movement practices rooted in breathwork, modes of
consciousness, and alchemizing discomfort: Gaga (Israel) and Ferus Animi/Terra
Nova (UK) to name a few. She continues to expand her offerings as a yoga
teacher through her Vipassana meditation practice, as well as her choreography
and dance studies.
As an instructor, Rosie aims to strike the balance between discipline and
surrender. She sees the practice as a way to witness oneself through the lens of
the body and its inherent intelligence. Rosie’s classes are inspired by the
technical facets of the Iyengar yoga lineage, alongside the artistic expression
and intuitive nature of her improvisation practices. A steady, grounding pace
provides the framework for a moving meditation and the embodiment of a flow

FLASH SALE! Contact Kevyn for Flash Sale pricing!



Treat yourself to extra love by adding on one Massage and either one 1:1 Wellness Coaching Session with Kevyn or one 1:1 Pilates Session to your experience.

Price: $300


Indulge in self care by adding one Massage, one 1:1 Wellness Coaching Session with Kevyn and one 1:1 Pilates Session with Kevyn

Price: $400


Make your retreat experience extra lux, by adding on two Massages, one 1:1 Wellness Coaching Session with Kevyn and one 1:1 Pilates Session with Kevyn

Price: $500


Select this option if you want this investment to be one that massively transcends the time that we will spend working closely together in Nicaragua by adding my 90-day 1:1 Private Coaching Program onto your retreat experience. Watch ALL of your health goals (and so much more) come to fruition. The best part, results are guaranteed. I will be there with you every step of the way and will NOT let you fail. And if, for whatever reason you don’t hit your goals, I will work with you FOR FREE until you do…

Price: $5,000


What is the Early Bird Discount?

A discounted rate is available when you reserve your spot between now and January 1st, 2024

How much is due now to reserve my spot?

$500 is due upon signing up to reserve your spot and bespoke payment plans are available per guest’s request – contact Kevyn at to learn more.

What is included in the Retreat Price BEFORE any of the Add-ons?

Transportation to and from the airport
All of the activities listed on the Itinerary including off-site activities such as the Sunset Boat Cruise
All snacks and meals other than dinner on Wednesday night
A thoughtfully curated gift bag that you will receive upon your arrival
And much, much more…


What is your refund policy?

All purchases are 100% refundable up to 24 hours after full payment is received. Full payment is due no later than 3 months prior to the first day of the retreat.

Do you recommend traveler’s insurance?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, it is required. You can easily purchase this when purchasing your plane ticket, or through a website that our team will gladly provide you with. This typically costs no more than $25.

What airport do I fly into?

Managua International Airport

When should I purchase my ticket?

We’d recommend purchasing your ticket by January 1st, 2024

How far is Casa Colorados (where the retreat will be held) from the airport?

It is about a 2-hour drive

I heard that it rains in Nicaragua in June. Should I be concerned?

 Everything is lush, green, and beautiful! We usually experience a few evening lightning storms that will blow your mind and a short rain in the afternoon once or twice that cuts the heat, brings out the rainbows, and allows for truly magnificent sunsets. Just wait!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email Kevyn at

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This week has been monumentally inspiring in many ways. I feel inspired energized and deeply connected. I truly am going home a much more centered, confident and embodied woman. Grateful grateful.

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