My personal Pilates Practice is deeply rooted in a fundamental connection to self, first. What I mean by this, is that my personal practice always guides me closer to my truth.

Becoming more aware of my self and my truth enables me to be more aware of my effect on the world around me. (I have an ultra idialistic dream of one day getting to see a world in which all humans have this fundamental level of awareness… imagine that.)

In my more realistic world, my mission, my passion and love for this work exists in providing and holding space in which students may connect deeply with their center and consequently obtain their own level of self awareness.

The space that we have the honor of holding as teachers is sacred and special. I often feel like a conductor, who is artfully and constantly adjusting the energy of the space around the student in order for them to more clearly become aware of what is within them.

What has always been there…

I didn’t give it to them, or teach it to them…

They have had “IT,” all along.

What is “IT,” you might ask?

“IT,” (to me), is a fundamental knowing of who YOU are.

Above all else, get to know your SELF.

You are the best friend you’ll ever make.


I believe in you.