Growing Pains…

The act of breathing is one that exemplifies on a very tangeable level the process of growing… the process of expanding and contracting. At different times in life, it is necessary to contract, to get very small and connected with your deepest and most authentic self.  And because of the fundamental laws of nature, you can’t get that “small” without becoming consequently “bigger.”  At times much bigger… depending on how deeply you were digging through the murky depths of YOU…

Upon making it through the layers, you finally touch upon a light, so beautiful and big that it is, at first, intimidating… blinding even.

Everything looks, feels, tastes and even sounds more clear, new… FRESH!

But different.

This is the most incredibly rich moment… the space between breaths.

The exact moment in which transformation is occuring.

How beautiful it is to NOT KNOW for a moment, to be in between “real” and “unreal,” between earth and sky… between who you were and who you are becoming.

From personal experience, I admit that as wonderful as this moment is, it can be a little painful, scary even.  But stepping outside of what is comfortable and easy, is the ONLY WAY to grow yourself.  This, to me, is the difference between LIVING and being alive.

In this exact moment, I am between breaths.

I find myself in one of the most transformative stages of my life thus far.  I am practicing patience with myself for not knowing exactly how to BE while growing into this new me, acceptance of every part of my path that has brought me to where I am today and trusting that everything is unfolding exactly AS it is meant to exactly WHEN it is meant to…

And now… I think it’s time to exhale.

I am ready for the new me to BE free…….