Infinite YOU…

I’d like to begin by saying that I am beyond thankful for everything in my life right now. 2014 has presented me with new beginnings, prosperity, health and LOVE.

Life is good!!

However, with all of these new beginnings I feel the need to be extra mindful. Mindful of remaining connected to where this growth is coming from… connected to my roots.

I am reminded of a quote by Lillian Smith, “I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.” This is such a brilliant quote, because without allowing new beginnings and adventures to bring you closer to your truest self, your power and intention can get blurred and the image of your original vision starts to fade.

My Pilates practice has allowed me for years to begin creating this incredibly clear connection to my vision on a physical level… Once I took the time to slow down and let my mind achieve the same sense of clarity, I was able to let dreams that I have had for years manifest in a way that seamed almost effortless.

“Almost” is the key word, because going out on your own, with your heart, vision and ideas displayed for everyone who is looking to see… can be a little terrifying. Especially for someone who for the longest time tried to keep from rocking the boat of life. Pleasing as many people as possible, avoiding confrontation every chance I got. I always found that being small, was easier. And, in a way I was right.

The key is to get small, really, really small… but not in a way that makes your voice muffled and quiet. Not in a way that keeps you from saying what is really on your mind and deep inside your heart…

The key is to get small in a way that allows you to know yourself with absolute precision, with authenticity and with clarity. Once you shine a light on every corner of your being, and get to know your self without attachments and without judgement on the deepest, smallest, most cellular level… your potential truly does expand.

And it does so exponentially.

The first taste I got of this understanding was through the wise words of my Calculus teacher in high school. I will never forget her telling me, “its not about the answer, the end result doesn’t matter… its the process of approaching infinity with absolute precision that we are after.”

This is what Pilates teaches me on a daily basis… the ONLY way to be big, is to be incredibly precise and REALLY, really “small.”

Next time you are faced with a situation that makes you feel nervous, or uncomfortable, try this… let yourself BE your size, drop into your skin, let yourself be small, be comfortable, let yourself BE.

Comfortably, connected to you…

to YOU approaching infinity.