Introducing Megan Densmore!

My friend Megan is a powerhouse! When I first met her about 5 years ago I was a little intimidated by her very strong presence, I must admit. I didn’t know her well, but always remembered her being a very passionate and intelligent teacher. Once I returned from Paris to make New York my home, I was reconnected with her. Now that I have gotten to know her better, I realize that there is nothing intimidating about her. Her presence is strong and direct but she could not be any sweeter or more approachable.

Along with her fresh energy and the genuinely good vibe that she exudes, there is a deep respect that she offers you without saying a word. You feel it and can do nothing but mirror that same respect right back.

In addition to being an amazing Pilates teacher, she is also an expert in nutrition and works closely with Shaklee, quoted as being the number one natural nutrition company in the US ( She was recently invited to home office to meet Dr. Bruce Daggy, Shaklee’s new SVP of research and development.

To sum up my thoughts on this gifted teacher, she is good. I think that’s all that needs to be said.

Learn more about her by checking out her website: