Meet Jordan Mallah

Utilizing over 16 years of intensive training, teaching expertise and multi-disciplinary learning from cultures around the world, Jordan Mallah offers a brand new experience for over-worked, stressed-out and imbalanced Americans.

A writer for the Huffington Post and author of a Peruvian cookbook and numerous articles on healthy living, Jordan is a wellness mentor to a devoted fan base of beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Elevating the art and science of healthy living is his passion and his singular mission is to get “YOUR LIFE ALIGNED.”

YOUR LIFE ALIGNED is a philosophy, therapy and ever-evolving goal integrating all the elements of physical, spiritual, nutritional and purposeful living. Jordan methodically applies postural alignment and therapeutic biomechanics to provide the physical and spiritual foundation for this broader life-enhancing and ultimately life-changing approach.

Jordan aligned his own life through a journey that began with a career as a management consultant for Accenture, where he helped solve complex challenges for some of the world’s leading organizations. When his heart told him it was time to pursue his deeper passion for service, he traded his Prada suits for sandals made from recycled car tires and embarked on a new expedition with the Peace Corps. During his time as a volunteer in Peru, Jordan worked to curb the rate of chronic malnutrition for indigenous Andean communities and conducted workshops on health and hygiene. He also shared his love of yoga and wellness with villagers.

Now a leading yoga therapist based in New York City, Jordan continues to be an agent for change and a pioneer in life alignment. His revolutionary classes and workshops challenge and empower while maintaining playfulness and creativity, installing students with health and wellness sensibly. Using dynamic self-inquiry techniques, Jordan guides students into an exploration of their deepest essence, leaving them poised to celebrate each day from a place of authenticity. In addition to his private and public yoga classes, Jordan leads numerous retreats and service projects to Peru and various countries in Africa. Participants experience radical transformation as they help communities achieve sustainable and productive futures while balancing their own lives through spiritual reflections and physical action.

“I have had the honor of practicing yoga under Jordan’s thoughtful guidance over the last few years. What I find most enriching about his style of teaching is his genuine ability to connect with the entire room and to make each person in his class incredibly aware of their ability, of their strength, of their light… His classes always allow me to experience a new level of potential within myself and to see a deeper beauty in the world that I am thankful to be a part of. I highly recommend trying a class with him!”
Kevyn Zeller

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