Kevyn Zeller: Pilates LOVE!

Kevyn began practicing and fell in love with Pilates 15 years ago and has been teaching on two continents for more than a decade.  A knee injury during her years as a long distance runner in Mexico, where she grew up, led her to discover Pilates as a means of rehabilitation. The practice not only healed her knee but also became an essential part of her being, profoundly influencing the way which she approaches life.

Kevyn received her Pilates Certification and Master’s Certification at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. Concurrently, she obtained a B.A. degree in Kinesiology at The University of Colorado at Boulder. Her degree in Kinesiology enhances her knowledge of and fascination for all types of body movement and physiology, allowing her to back the artistry of her Pilates teaching with scientific method and research.

She believes that the key to health and healing lies in one’s ability to connect with his or her deepest, most authentic center and mental strength.  In order to access this strength, acknowledging and changing movement patterns or habits that are no longer serving optimal health is of the utmost importance.

Kevyn believes that once a person is aware of these patterns or habits, there is an opportunity to restore the body to its healthiest and most bio-mechanically efficient state. Kevyn refers to the teachings of Joseph Pilates when she describes this state as “uniform development.”

Kevyn has taught clients of all ages and fitness levels, helping them recover from injuries, build strength, reshape their bodies and develop healthy lifestyles. While her approach to Pilates training is subtle in that she prefers to allow the student to internalize the changes that are optimal to their body, her enthusiasm is contagious and her sessions are powerful. She blends clear, intuitive and thoughtful guidance while holding a safe and peacful space for students to experience a deeply peaceful and meditative flow allowing for a highly effective and deeply transformative Pilates practice.

In addition to teaching one on one sessions on all Pilates apparatus as well as matwork, Kevyn is also thrilled to now be offering annual, life-changing retreats in Nicargaua with her team of wellness experts.

She teaches fluently in English, French and Spanish.

She describes her intention behind holding retreats below:
“As a Teacher, I’ve known for years that I needed to host a wellness retreat for many reasons.  After holding my very first retreat last year the main reason became abundantly clear: to allow the student an opportunity to take their practice out of the studio and into their everyday interaction with the world around them.

I intend to provide you with an opportunity to connect mindfully with everything you do.  From the moment you get out of bed, to the second you fall asleep you will be able to practice “living and BEing Pilates,” on a deep, fundamental and very practical level.
What does it mean to live and to “BE” Pilates?

In line with my teaching, this means that with curiosity and loving receptivity, you learn to connect deeply with your most honest center allowing your truth to resonate through every cell of you.

Upon connecting with your most authentic self you then begin connecting with the world around you in a more conscious way.  This conscious receptivity allows for your experience in life to be more like that of a graceful dance or river flowing instead of a battle.  You mindfully choose the direction of your flow… feel the world around you and allow the world to feel you!

I can’t stress how important it is to take this next step if you are serious about your practice.  Take that feeling that you get each and every time you practice and let it be surrounded by all of the elements necessary to let it grow, fully and abundantly, deep within you.

My clear intention is to make sure you leave the retreat feeling; balanced, restored, rested and embodying a sense of empowered wellness.”


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“Life is good to dance with… not a fight.”
~Ben Zeller (my Dad)