kevyn Zeller

Kevyn Zeller

Having practiced Pilates now for 26 years and taught for 25, I can say with confidence that this work has become a part of my very being.  At the age of 17, a minor meniscus injury brought me to my first Pilates class.  It was weird… Weird, but SO, SO good.  I started feeling stronger from the inside out, my posture and confidence improved, my grades improved.  I began to focus almost effortlessly, achieving any goal that I set my mind to with clarity and ease.  I was centered, grounded and in love.  My path was set.  I knew that my calling on this planet was to and is to share this practice with as many people as humanly possible!
Being the curious person that I am, I wanted to unravel and understand the work from all angles.  Consequently, I chose to study Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, while obtaining my Pilates Teaching Certificate and Masters Certificate at the world renowned Pilates Center of Boulder.  Curious and eager to “know it all,”  I studied, and studied and studied… until I was met with a profound lesson.  There is no “knowing it all.”  There is only lesson, upon lesson, upon lesson.  In addition to attending countless workshops, reading all the books, meditating, journaling, staying on top of my personal workouts and taking lessons, the students I have the absolute honor of teaching day in and day out ARE my continuing education.  Watching them move more fully and efficiently, with greater ease and less pain is what I live for.  Each day I am more and more floored by the efficacy of this brilliant work and am as inspired as ever to share it with you!

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