Let it FLOW….

Spring into Summer Series Day 3: Pilates Principle: FLOW

I try to remind my students often that the human body is made up of roughly 70% water and that, with this in mind, it makes sense to move as such with graceful fluidity.

On our run on Saturday we focused on the principles that we have already visited, concentration and breath. In addition, we worked on finding a smooth pace and connection to earth and center that allowed us to work WITH rather than AGAINST gravity.

To move through “textured” space with conscious proprioception.

I find it helpful to imagine the way a wild cat runs… These beautiful animals make running look effortless, without gripping, holding, pushing or pulling.

On your next run, try to adapt these qualities. Be present… Feel the ground beneath your, feel the breeze… Become deeply aware of the space you are moving through.

Allow your body to let go and move as it was originally designed to. Like water.

Free of tension.

As, one of my favorite teachers says, “only hard things break…”

Enjoy your run.

Enjoy our LIFE!

Enjoy every sweet moment…