Life Coaching

A little about me…

My path to becoming a Life Coach began at the age of 12 when I lost my Mother to alcoholism. This monumental loss initiated a profound journey of self-discovery. One in which my self-proclaimed mission was to understand the why of it all, the essence of truth that existed beneath the stories and the noise. While at the age of 12 this mission was certainly not a conscious one, it became so with time.

As vividly as I can remember anything, I remember the moment the doctor told me and my Father she had passed. I can recall the exact words he used, “Susan is dead, would you like to see the body?” My 12 year old heart broke and my brain couldn’t comprehend the loss. The only thing I knew was that I did NOT want to see her body. I remember looking up at my Dad and asking “why would he ask that?” “She isn’t there anymore.” And this is something that I still choose to believe. We are not our bodies and we most certainly are not our minds and we especially are not the thoughts those minds of ours come up with (more on that later).

From that point on I began subconsciously doing anything and everything I could to avoid the pain and confusion of another potential loss. I also skillfully wrapped up all of the grief surrounding my Mom’s death neatly in a box and set it aside. It was a coping mechanism because quite honestly, I didn’t have the skills to deal with it at the time. This recipe resulted in my becoming a massive people pleaser who existed outside of her authenticity. For me, it was more important to nurture the needs of others so that I wouldn’t lose the attachment (the relationship) than it was for me to honor my own needs and risk experiencing another loss.

Suffice to say I attracted many misaligned relationships, exhausted myself trying to control my environment, my emotions, the emotions of others, and people-pleasing my behind off. All while the rest of my precious energy was utilized keeping that forbidden black box of grief neatly tucked away. It’s a miracle I didn’t spontaneously combust…

until I did…

For me, it took my world being turned upside down over and over again later in life for me to finally put down my load. To genuinely put my needs first, and to shatter the layers upon layers of people-pleasing tendencies that I had developed over the years. To let go of perfectionism, control, and the perceived need to maintain attachments that weren’t aligned with my genuine authenticity.

It took no longer identifying with my past to finally let go
It took facing the fear of losing the attachment to finally let go
It took the universe screaming at me to finally let go
It took courage and the willingness to do A LOT of work to finally let go

This process felt like a complete dismantling. As though every piece of me was shattering into a million tiny pieces. To say it was disorienting is a massive understatement. I was lost and beginning to feel hopeless until I experienced a truly profound moment of clarity…

I wasn’t falling apart… I was breaking open!!!

All of the layers were melting away one by one. What was making it seem so painful initially was how I was resisting the process. So, I allowed it instead…

Like a dam that could no longer hold the flow of a massive tide, it broke. All of the feelings that were kept in that little black box for so many years flooded me. I felt the healing elixir of not only acknowledging but accepting my pain, bring all of my pieces back together. And it did so in a way that created malleable unbreakability. It was life-changing.

In that moment, I knew what I was put on this planet to do.

As a Pilates Teacher and practitioner, core work has been my calling and absolutely essential to me for many years. Over and over again I have witnessed people evolve into more authentic versions of themselves through the practice of Pilates alone. Once you are aligned with your center, it becomes practically impossible to do anything but live your life from that place of power and authenticity. But this idea is by no means obvious and is extremely subtle. It happens in a way that becomes recognizable only after years of practice and only if this observation is one the student is open to receiving.

Becoming a Life Coach was the missing piece for me. The piece that now allows me to provide this sort of core work with more clarity and specificity. It allows me to be there for you in a way that will not only change your body but your mind and consequently your entire life.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper to see what else you will experience when we work together…

    • You will learn unequivocally that you are NOT your thoughts and that those “absolute truths” your brain keeps offering are purely options. You can take them or leave them. It is your choice!
    • Your brain will become a tool you use to create the life of your dreams instead of a messenger that you exist at the mercy of
    • You will learn to accept and love yourself in a way that will blow your mind
    • Your relationships will improve exponentially, especially the one you have with yourself
    • You will become your biggest supporter and will develop the skills to have your own back no matter what
    • You will learn to love doing hard things
    • You will take control of your life and of your health
    • You will develop the skills necessary to achieve your big and scary goals
    • Your life will have more meaning and your limitless potential will be revealed
    • You will learn to own your choices and to love them
    • You will learn to live a life in love

There is no need to wait until the universe is beating your door down to receive this message like I did. May I humbly suggest that you acknowledge the subtle signs that the universe, your intuition and heart are offering instead…

    • Hear that whisper in your heart that is telling you that this is the work that will unlock your full potential
    • Listen to that voice inside that says this is the work you have been waiting for. The one that suggests that our work together could free you from the chains of judgment, people-pleasing, and the perceived need to control every aspect of your life.
    • Hear the voice that has been telling you for a while that you are capable of more than what you are currently offering the world – your potential, my friend, is limitless

For all we know, this is our one shot at seeing what we are truly capable of creating. Aren’t you interested in discovering what you can achieve?

If you are reading this, you are here for a reason.

And I am so glad that you are.

My hope is that this is just the beginning of our conversation…