Be Steadfast, Be True, (but mostly), Be YOU!

At the beginning of a new year and a promising new beginning, we can sometimes set our goals and our expectations extremely high. We see advertisements and social media posts feeding us the line “New Year, New You,” again and again…

While we can all understand where they are coming from with this wildly overused slogan, what does it really mean? Will you be someone different this year? Will you let go of your
“bad” qualities and instead honor and present only the “good” ones? And what does that even mean, really?

When I speak with clients and friends and when it comes to my own personal journey toward fully vibrant and all-encompassing health, I have noticed that what gets in our way the most is this idea that we have to, in a way, fundamentally change who we are.

My suggestion is that we instead thoroughly honor every, single part of ourselves. Perhaps especially the “bad” parts.

One of my most dearest friends recently shared a meditation that she has been practicing that related to this idea.

I suggest giving it a try…

It involves sitting comfortably with you eyes closed. Start to imagine a home, somewhere beautiful; your dream home, if you will. You envision yourself walking into this house. Upon entering, you bring up all of the labels you’ve given yourself that you aren’t proud of, the ones you might want to change in the new year. Focus on the one deepest, darkest thing that you dislike most about yourself. Perhaps that ONE thing that keeps you from feeling as content, confident and fulfilled as you otherwise might. Once you have let the feeling of being that ONE thing, fully encompass all of you, you send that “you,” down into the basement of the house, deep down, 4,5,6 floors underground.

And then, a different version of you walks in. This is the ideal version, the one who represents everything you love about yourself, all of the “good” things. Let yourself be embraced by the sensation of self love and ultimate bright and beaming confidence. This version of you walks up to the top floor of your dream house and even steps out onto the terrace overlooking the breathtaking view.

Finally, you invite the “basement you,” up to join the “terrace you.” Let the two become one. Sit with the feeling of light and dark coming together, the idea of “good” and “bad” becoming one. Realize that they are forever interconnected. They both serve a purpose and are absolutely, perfectly and fiercely you.

Enjoy this year and everything it has to offer. With the wisdom, confidence and clarity that comes with having experienced yet another orbit around the sun, the same you will create wonderful things.

Enjoy the Ride,