Love is everywhere…

As an American who spent her formative years in Mexico and Paris, a large part of my heart feels more at home when I am in a foreign country. I’ve always joked that my soul is Mexican and that my heart is from Paris…

After graduating from college in Boulder, Co I lived briefly in Kauai and fell in love with the beauty I was immersed in while there. I knew that this special place would remain in my heart forever and that I would find a way to return as often as possible.

From Kauai I made my way back to Colorado and about 6 years ago I finally found myself in my heart’s home. Paris. I feel like I am in love when I am there. The air surrounding you feels like love is hugging you, holding you, lifting you…. the light caresses everything it touches with a beautiful, soothing glow.

I found similar beauty when I moved to teach in Sag Harbor and decided to teach between Paris and Sag for a year or so…until I made NYC my home. Wow, what a change! NYC is similar to Paris, but intensified. Immensely intensified.

Recently, 9 years after having lived in Kauai I made my second trip back to the Islands of Hawaii and was able to spend an extended period of time on the North shore of Maui in the quaint and welcoming town of Paia. The perfect place to relax, unwind and feel the effect of nurturing silence, gentle breeze, the calming sound of waves… and of the true, aloha spirit. Pure, beautiful love.

This trip to Maui led me eventually back to my Latin roots in Nicaragua. A place that I will forever hold in my heart. I was reminded how simple it all is…how simple everything is, really. If we let it be. Nicaragua reminds you of what matters. On a deep, fundamental level John Lennon had it right, all we need is Love.

Love truly is every where… Let yourself be “IN” it. Enjoy it’s sweet embrace.