Meet Molly Wozniak!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my friend Molly Wozniak. She is an educated Pilates teacher with a gifted touch. She is also a licensed Movement Therapist. Her experience working as a psychotherapist adds a depth to her teaching that is invaluable. Often, physical discomfort is symptomatic of emotions that we may be subconsciously holding on to. As we begin connecting to these physical parts of our bodies where emotions are held, things can start to come up… As they do it is comforting to know that you are being held in a space of healing with a teacher who will guide you with compassionate intelligence. This teacher is Molly.

To learn more about here check out her bio below!

Molly Wozniak, MS, LCAT has been studying movement for over 10 years. She was first introduced to the Pilates Method while studying modern dance in college. In addition to Pilates, Molly has studied many other mind/body methods such as Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Laban Method and Bartenieff Fundamentals. She has also studied with master teachers such as Erika Bloom, Marcia Elizabeth Thompson, Leslie Powell, Kuan Hui Chew, Shelley Studennberg and Cara Reeser.

In 2009 Molly received her master’s degree in Dance/movement Psychotherapy from Pratt Institute and holds a New York State license in Creative Arts Therapy. For the last several years she has worked in mental health and education. She gained extensive training in clinical assessment and diagnosis and took a special interest treating children on the autistic spectrum, focusing on sensory integration skills and proprioception. In addition she treated patients with severe to moderate, behavioral disturbances, mood disorders, anxiety and depression. She successfully combined her movement training with her clinical studies to provide comprehensive mind-body support services to her patients.

Since taking a sabbatical from the mental health field Molly has immersed herself in movement education once again, this time with a more innate understanding of the body and mind and how the two are inextricably linked. She uses her clinical and teaching skills to assess movement patterns, tension and imbalances in the body. Currently Molly is taking continuing education courses in anatomy, biomechanics, muscle imbalance assessment and correction, scoliosis correction, gait analysis, fascia release for structural balance and spinal manipulation. She has also been trained in pre-natal and post partum Pilates as well as injury rehabilitation. Molly combines a strong understanding of anatomy and science with care and creativity, providing a therapeutic and unique experience for her clients. In the fall she will start a five-year psychoanalytic program through The Institute for Expressive Analysis to further incorporate the integration of mind and body into her practice.

Contact Information:
Molly Wozniak, MS, LCAT