Nahvae Frost: Retreat Chef, Aroma Therapy Specialist and Yoga Teacher!!!

Nahvae Frost is a private chef and yoga instructor, born and raised in Southern California, though rooted in Brooklyn for the last decade.
Her hope is to introduce people to new relationships with their bodies and how a beautiful equilibrium can be developed when our bodies are finely tuned. She strives to lead by example to nurture a healthier approach towards cooking, eating and overall well-being by encouraging her clientele to be moderate in their practices and to connect with their bodies, by eating whole, rather than processed foods sourced seasonally and locally, and to recognize food as a simple and necessary medium through which we can profoundly effect change in ourselves and greatly impact the world around us.
Her combined 500-hour Certifications through Atmananda Yoga and The Yoga Sequence have inspired a rigorous teaching style that emphasizes alignment and breath-work, leaving students enlivened, but poised for focused mediation and eager to return for more.