The eye of the storm: the morning after Sandy

Waking up this morning after the storm that we experienced last night I find my self
thankful for many things. Little things we take for granted like morning coffee, running
water and power…the beautiful tree just outside my kitchen window that was able to
withstand the storm. In the midst of disaster and chaos an opportunity always exists to
see a deeper beauty. To connect with a deeper gratitude and a more thankful
The sun is starting to make its presence known and as there was a calm before the
storm I am sensing this beautiful calm returning after Sandy’s powerful blow. I find that
life will always try and disturb this peaceful calm…whether it be via a natural disaster, a
train that is running with delays or even a coworker that gets on your nerves. The calm
before the storm and the calm after the storm is something that each and every one of
us are able to carry within us at each and every moment of each and every day… It is
called the eye of the storm. Calm and present amidst the ever changing, ever amazing
force that is life…