Rebecca Greenbaum

Rebecca is a professional dancer and avid Pilates fan born and bred in Brooklyn, NY.  As a dancer, she was blown away with how much Pilates helped her as a dancer. As a teacher, she is impressed every day by her clients’ commitment to the Pilates method and how much they teach her in return.

She has taught a variety of clientele, ages 16 to 86 as well as actresses, dancers, supermodels, and working professionals. In her sessions, she sticks to the Classical method’s framework and is able to accommodate injuries, special cases, as well as Pre and Post-Natal needs.

She received her Comprehensive Classical Pilates Certificate from the Equinox Pilates Institute where she is now a Teacher Trainer. She has also completed the 360 Pilates program under Benjamin Degenhardt. She graduated Skidmore College Magna cum Laude and holds an Masters in Fine Arts in Dance from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She currently dances for Jamal Jackson Dance Company, Suzzanne Ponomarenko Dance, and Emily Craver/The Little Streams.

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