Styled by Lulu!

image7To celebrate the opening of Kevyn Zeller Pilates, the awesome crew at Lululemon on E 85th and Madison Avenue styled me in amazing workout clothes that I was able to feature in a photo shoot over the weekend.

A few of the things I love most about Lululemon gear is how functional, durable and beautiful it is. For someone who literally lives in workout clothes, it is nice to be able to go for a run, take a yoga class, practice pilates and then head out to a casual gathering of friends without having to worry about going home to change!! Even when I lived in Paris, (where it is normally unacceptable to walk down the street in the same clothes that were just used to work out in), I’d often get away with sporting my Lulu pants and top feeling chic and stylish!!


My favorites from this weekends shoot were the fun and strappy sports bra paired with this over the shoulder comfy top. Perfect for teaching in! On a typical day after teaching I’d just have to take the top off and be ready to jump into a hot yoga class or change into another sports bra and a lighter tank and be ready for my Pilates practice.

Versatile, beautiful, comfortable… Easy.

Lulu, I love you!

Photographer: Nina Robinson: check her other work out at: