Terriell Samuels kzp

Terriell Samuels

Terriell, who has been teaching Pilates since 2016, takes an authentic approach to the Pilates method. She prides herself in teaching well-thought-out, and  no-nonsense workouts that give her clients exactly what they need— body, mind, and spirit. Through their work together, her clients learn how to move their bodies in order to create strength, balance, and ease, which allows them to be more present at home, more productive at work, and find happiness in their day to day.
As a self-proclaimed movement enthusiast, Terriell brings her varied movement background as a former professional dancer, and yoga teacher, as well as knowledge gained from obsessing over her own love of extreme sports like snowboarding, rock climbing, and powerlifting into the application of her Pilates and teaching practice.

Terriell was certified through Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates Teacher Training in NYC, also holds a 200hr RYT certification, and has completed the Heritage Training, a Post-Graduate Program for Pilates Professionals Taught by Cara Reeser.