Trust Yourself.

My favorite people are those who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. Those who, in their eyes, hold a story that generously shares itself if you are available and curious enough to notice. My whole life I have sought out these sorts of humans… unguarded, strange and beautiful.

How magnificent is that shaky feeling of pure vulnerability that so many of us are terrified of. What experience brought on that fear, and why is it that we begin holding back or gently dimming the light of our innately fearless hearts? What takes the wild and free out of us?

In my experience, not creating proper boundaries is more often than not the culprit. More specifically, remaining in situations that aren’t serving us in order to “learn the lesson,” when truly the lesson is not in the “staying,” or the “saying yes”… the lesson is in the leaving the situation, the lesson is in the saying no, the lesson is in the letting go.

Trust yourself enough to say no, let go and let be. Free yourself from the walls you’ve built around your powerfully wild and beautifully vibrant heart.

Life might not be as heavy as you think it is…