My Mission

Via crystal clear instruction your virtual pilates experience with me will zone you into a meditative and deeply connected state. With an overwhelmingly large amount of information coming at you during this profoundly uncertain time, you can be certain of one thing and perhaps one thing alone. That one thing is YOU. Comprised of your breath, your beating heart, your brilliant mind and wild spirit, you have the strength to get through this. I believe in you. Use this precious time wisely. Go within and really find your center. Discover the truest version of you. One that is completely free of the superfluous, free of the stories and the noise. One that is clear, present and awake. Pilates provides an exceptional gateway into this sort of centered clarity. Allow me to guide you. It would be my deepest honor.

Let Your Inward Journey Begin Today

One on one you and I will delve into what this work can provide for you and for you alone. Pilates has truly changed my life and my being, mentally, physically and spiritually and it would be my honor to share the power of this body of work with you!

A love note from me
I know that times are heavy. I am here for you in all ways possible. If you are unable to see me Individually for whatever reason, please visit my YouTube channel to find a class that aligns with what your body, mind and spirit are craving. I am doing my best to upload new, quality content as often as possible. If there is something that you desire that isn’t available, please let me know! This conversation is open and we are in this together. I want to hear from you!
We will get through this one thoughtful and soothing breath at a time.
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