Welcome to Kevyn Zeller Pilates

Take a moment right now to reflect on everything that you’ve accomplished this week. Perhaps even pull your phone out, review your calendar and literally acknowledge all of the appointments you made it to, play dates, meetings, school events, dinners, lunches and other events. Check out your to-do list – how many of those did you knock out this week?!

Perhaps especially as New Yorkers, the city that “never sleeps,”we feel an obligation to be constantly ON, on the go, on our phones, our computers and on the run in order to keep up with the hustle. However, even the most successful New Yorkers take time for themselves to deeply rest, to be entirely OFF. They have learned to designate a certain amount of time for themselves to recharge. You recharge your phone and computer right? So…….

Kevyn Zeller Pilates, my peaceful Pilates oasis on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and Scotty and I developed Sublime Retreats with this clear intention in mind. To provide you with a space that is entirely yours. An experience that allows you to step away from the your world entirely and into your bliss. To relax your mind and your well-worked body. To lighten the load of your thoughts and worries, to rest deeply, be nourished from the inside out and to find ultimate peace in your heart.

We invite you to come into KZP, our urban zen oasis if you’ve yet to visit us and to inquire about having us put together a custom retreat for you at the location of your choosing. This soul nurturing retreat could be for you and you alone, for you and a few of your friends, in an exotic location, or in the comfort of your own home. The possibilities are endless and we are here to help you create an experience that is uniquely YOURS.

Enjoy your life and take time to nurture you. Even just ten minutes of peace and quiet each day has a profound effect.

With nothing but our deepest wishes for your ultimate peace, health and sublime BLISS,